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Rotary Club of Ajijic

Master Tracking of Service Projects


Service Projects Chair:   Santiago Hernandez Martez

The purpose of this report is to provide current information on club projects.

Funding disclaimer:  Note that approval of a project by the RCOA Board, may or may not include funding from RCOA.

GREEN-Projects approved by the RCA Board

When clicking on a link you may receive a redirect message.  When reviewing projects on the club website be sure to scroll down to see the entire project.

Club project #s legend:  YEAR MONTH DAY/Additional # assigned if multiple projects are approved by the board at the same meeting.

Project #20170702- Harthcock-Lyle-Strong Scholarship Program  Click to access

 Project # 20190305B-Salvati AC Training and Internship for Physical Therapists seeking the Lymphedema certificate course.  Click to access.  

Project # 20190305B-Rising Stars Scholarship Project  Click to access   This is an expansion of the existing program.  

Project #20170701-Union Soccer Ajijic. Click to Access

BLUE-PROJECTS-In Developed have been presented to the board for review


Project #20191015-Elementary School Students Libraries on Wheels  Click to access

  San Juan Cosala Choir  Click to access