Posted by Julianna Rose
At our August 15 meeting we had the pleasure of having Andre Bellon of Bellon Insurance as our speaker.
We received a lot of valuable information about insurance companies in Mexico.
There are more than 80 registered companies, and in Mexico registered insurance companies cannot go bankrupt because the government takes over if such an event arises. 
However, if you are insured with a non-registered foreign company, and they leave Mexico, they will drop you. In the case of health insurance, if by then you have developed a serious health issue, you will have a problem getting insurance with another company because of the major excluding illnesses like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, alzheimer, advanced rheumatism, etc. 
Andre Bellon's message therefore is: get health insurance while you are still healthy to avoid such a situation.
Bellon Insurance has been in business for 20 years and is located in San Antonio, offering home, auto, health insurance, etc. and emphasizes on providing a very personal service including assisting clients from the beginning till the end when they have to go into hospital.
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