Posted by Chuck Doucet on Jan 27, 2019
On Thursday, January 24, Scholarship Project Manager Chuck Doucet and Mac Whyte, Service Projects Chair met with Lucy Sotelo & Anel Mendoza Padilla Guadalajara Prep located in Chapala.  The primary purpose of meeting with Lucy, who is the school representative for our scholarship project,  was to make sure that RCOA and the school were in agreement as to the RCOA commitment, funding and the role of the school.  The RCOA Scholarship Project at Guadalajara Prep in Chapala/includes students at Mezcala site.
Currently, the funding of the 27 students receiving scholarships is primarily from private donors. RCOA then pay’s the cost of 27 scholarships, 32,400.0 each semester, with the funds provided by the donors. A goal of RCOA in the future is to reach out to US and Canadian clubs to gather more funding, to enhance the sustainability of the scholarship project.
The scholarship project is a year to year commitment.   So each year the project is reviewed and renewed subject to funding.  This is done by  June 1st.  When a student graduates, 3 years/6 semesters.  Lucy inserts a new student into the program. If a student leaves school before graduating, a new student replaces them.  27 students are the cap on the project.  There are currently 20 students at the Chapala site and 7 at Mezcala.  A scholarship costs 1200 per student.  Competition to enter GDL Prep is very competitive. A student must be in the 85% group or better. In a given semester there are 250 openings, typically around 750 students apply.
The Rotary Club of Ajijic is one of the few English-speaking Rotary clubs in Mexico, and has been serving the Lake Chapala area since 2002. Its members are business and professional men and women, many retired, who dedicate their time, expertise, and talents to helping others in our local area.  For more information on the Rotary Club of Ajijic please contact Dr. Cherry .