Despite a busy schedule, Banerjee continues to find potential members during his travels as RI president. “Today you can recruit anybody, anywhere,” he says. “I might meet someone on a flight to Los Angeles or Bangkok who would make a good member, and if I do, I refer that person.”

Follow Banerjee’s example today by referring a family member, friend, or business associate. The online form has been updated, so it’s even easier now to refer a member.

Once you’ve answered a few questions, RI headquarters will forward the potential member’s information to the appropriate district leader, who will share it with area clubs. If a club deems the candidate a good fit, it will contact the potential member and invite him or her to learn more.

Candidates can also complete the form to express their interest in joining a Rotary club. Rotarians who are relocating or returning to Rotary after an absence may use the form to find a new club.

If you want to recommend someone for membership in your Rotary club, contact your club secretary or complete the form in How to Propose a New Member.

Make it easy for potential members to find your club by embedding Club Locator and “Share Your Passion for Rotary” ads in your website or newsletter. Can’t find your own club on Club Locator? Log on to Member Access to update your club’s information.