Posted by Mac Whyte on Mar 30, 2019
This video was done by the Club Rotario of Guadalajara International. the early part is about the city of Guadalajara. The main focus is the interviews of those clubs at the project fair, especially those with global grants or the potential to have a global grant.  RCOA has a Global Grant #1984269 "Adopt a Village-Building the Capacity of Hacienda de la labor in Jalisco, Mexico.  All the interviews are different and unscripted.
Basically, a "real time" assessment was being done by Andrea Macias, RI Grants Manager who came from RI for the fair, and PDG Shab Elawar from California. We have been working with Andrea in ensuring that our GG meets Rotary Standards.  Which if you listen to the interview she notes that the GG has passed her checklist! 

This is a quick summary of the GG click on this link