A successful Long-Range Planning meeting, facilitated by Terry MacDonald, was held on November  17.
Members of our Club's Board of Directors, and several Committee Chairs got together to review member inputs from a survey, as well as draft service programs and project plans for  2016 and 2017. The focus of the meeting involved identifying key initiatives for the Club as well as identifying the resources required to carry out priority tactical initiatives and Club projects. It was encouraging to see that our Club has been making good progress having already completed various initiatives and projects since the start of the club’s fiscal year in July. Another achievement during the meeting involved the creation of an ongoing planning tracking group charged with ensuring that approved Club plans were being acted upon effectively and efficiently. A further short Board meeting will be held in the near future to finalize our Club's updated long term plans, goals and budget.
Many thanks to Terry MacDonald for his help to improve our Club with his expertise and a good long-range action plan!