Photo: President Mike McCarthy and Mac Whyte signed a Memorandum of Agreement on September 2
Reflecting Rotary International’s evolution into the “digital age,” The Rotary Club of Ajijic A.C. is sponsoring a new type of Rotary Club to serve the Lake Chapala area.
According to president Mike McCarthy, the club sees the global reach of the Internet as an effective way to expand membership and funding opportunities for worthy local projects.
The sponsorship enables E-Club members the opportunity to fully participate in Rotary activities, both individually and as an independent club.
Initiated by Mac Whyte, Bernadine Janzen, and Allan MacGregor, the Satellite E-Club of Lake Chapala is the first club of its kind in Mexico.
What is a Rotary E-Club
Rotary E-Clubs follow the same policies as traditional Rotary Clubs, but the key difference is that they conduct their required weekly meetings on the Internet. Rather than being physically present  at an appointed day and time, this format allows members the flexibility of time and space that supports their lifestyles, which may include physical or location constraints, busy schedules, and travel. Members attend meetings at any time and any day of the week from anywhere in the world by contacting the Satellite E-Club website via the Internet. They are also welcome to attend regular meetings at any Rotary Club worldwide.
Not virtual clubs
Rotary e-clubs are not “virtual” Rotary clubs. Rotary works in the real world and Rotary E-Clubs are  comprised of real living, breathing, working Rotarians doing Rotary projects. They simply use the Internet as a tool to manage the club and manage projects.
The mission of the Satellite Rotary E-Club of Lake Chapala is to focus on funding local projects that meet demonstrated needs of lakeside communities and that can be effectively co-managed by the Satellite E-Club and members of the community. A sound plan for the sustainability of a project by the community, after funding has ended, will be a critical criterion for project approval.
When the Satellite E-Club reaches 20 members it will become a fully separate club and be chartered by Rotary International. Until that time, those who join will be members of the Rotary Club of Ajijic and of Rotary International, the largest and one of the most respected service organizations in the world.
The Satellite Rotary E-Club of Lake Chapala welcomes applications from individuals who are committed to helping lakeside communities meet a wide variety of serious social needs but who may not be able to attend regular weekly Rotary meetings.
For more information about opportunities to make a difference in your lakeside community please visit the web site of the E-Club at