The Meet and Greet party at Moonyeen's house
Exchanging banners
Gin Pelzl with artist Robina Nicole who has donated a work of art, "The Healing Tree", depicting the cycle of life and the Mother, to the Maternal Health unit of the Tepehua Community Center. 
The visit of Canadian Medical Team that brought their medical services to the villages of Lakeside from November 2 - 14 was a great success. After our Club and the Tepehua Community Center collaborated for many weeks regarding the arrangements and schedule, the team finally arrived.  With a Meet and Greet party at Moonyeen King's house on November 5, the Canadian team was warmly welcomed to the local community.
The locations chosen were Tepehua, the Men's Rehabilitation Center CREAD in Santa Cruz, the Chapala Preparatoria, and the villages of San Pedro and Mezcala. There the team carried out physical checkups and dental checks with the Health Outreach for Women mobile unit following the team to give pap smears for cancer and STD checks, including HIV.
Medication to families was supplied on the spot, and the Tepehua Communities Free Clinic will provide further service for those needing a follow up. All dental patients will be provided treatment at the Tepehua Dental Clinic.
Hundreds of patients were treated or received checkups by the Canadian medical team members, who were very passionate and caring about their work.
All medication left over was donated to the Tepehua Free Pharmacy to continue the work the Canadians have started.
The Tepehua Communities plan is to try to take the Tepehua Medical and Dental team to the villages once a month. There is already service for the Maternal Health Program through Health Outreach for Women AC.
The Secretario General of Mezcala, Joel Navarro, supplied the food for the team whilst in San Pedro and Mezcala, and our Club supplied the food for team elsewhere. Needless to say, our Club's Rotary meeting of Tuesday November 8 was held at the Tepehua Community Center, where we celebrated the completion of the Tepehua Maternal and general Health Center together. The speaker was Dr. Carlos Rodriguez, who heads the medical side of the Tepehua Community Center, and there also was Dr.George Ruwwe, who is the consultant for the Dental side.
Many thanks to the fine Canadian medical team, local doctors, translators, Rotarians, and all others who helped, for their efforts. Great things have been accomplished!