Welcome back Mac Whyte! Mac was our Club's Service Projects Chair from February 2011 to June 2013, and has agreed to take up the position again and head our Community Service Projects Committee. During his previous time as Service Projects Chair, Mac acquired invaluable knowledge of working with the Rotary International Grant Center, which sets the standards for Rotary projects.  

Mac is a true Rotarian and a great asset to our Club, He has been instrumental in obtaining  the large Global Grant of  47,000 US dollars for our project, "Providing Teacher Training to Create Safe and Healthy Schools & Communities in Jalisco”, for which Mac is the Grant Manager. Mac also introduced other excellent community projects to the Club;  Teaching of the “Guardians of the Planet”, an Anti Violence Curriculum to Students in Grades 3 through 5, Ages 7-11, and the "Vocational Training-Provide Skill Training in Front-of-House Apprentice Restaurant" Program, a project which provides training to apprentices in all areas required to work in the front of the restaurant. And the latest, a brand new project, the Community Development Program "One Village at a Time".

Project Manager for the latter three projects is Mac's wife, Rotarian Bernadine Janzen,  Executive Director of Butterflies en Mexico, A.C., who  will be our speaker next Tuesday, February 28th.


At our February 21st meeting, Mac Whyte spoke to the membership. "The purposes of this club are to pursue the Object of Rotary, carry out successful service projects based on the Five Avenues of Service, contribute to the advancement of Rotary by strengthening membership, support The Rotary Foundation, and develop leaders beyond the club level.”