Ed Donagher, Head Coach of Union of Ajijic Soccer 
Union of Ajijic Soccer Team
Trip to Torreon
At our October 25 meeting, Ed Donagher, Head Coach of Union of Ajijic Soccer gave our Club an update about the soccer team that our Club sponsors.
The objective of this project, which started in the 2012/2013 season, was to provide a school for football (soccer) to boys and girls in Ajijic. The school, called 'Hope for Poor Kids', now has over 200 kids ages 5 through 18 training/ playing football with Union Acidic.
Ed Donagher and  five local Mexican trainers provide training  2 - 3 times a week with a game every Sunday.
There are two locations for the training, Tecoluta near the 6 corners area for 3 groups,  and Cruz Azul Field near Salvador's Restaurant for another two groups. All children are members of Union Ajijic, the local Football team, which is supported by the local Patronato De Futbol De Ajijic.
From November 14 - 18 , three 16-year-old players, accompanied by Ed Donaghan and Moises Charraria, Vice President of the Patronato de Futbol Ajijic, went on a trip to Torreon for try outs with the Santos Laguna Juvenile Team to see if these boys had the potential to be professional players. Upon arrival, they were physically examined by the Santos Laguna Club Doctor and then registered with the Club.
The Coaches were very positive about their skills/ techniques / fitness levels and the boys  will be monitored by the Guadalajara (Visore) for Santos during the season.
If they do well, they will be called up to the Santos Laguna Club.
Since the inception of the project 'Hope for Poor Kids", three players have been called up by Professional Clubs. One by Santos Laguna, one by Durango and one by Monarchos in Morelia.The annual trip to Torreon (the third annual trip numbering 11 players) is an event eagerly anticipated by the young players of Union Ajijic Club in that "maybe next year it could be me".The recent trip to Torreon to give players this great opportunity was arranged by Ed Donagher through Glasgow Celtic in Scotland, Santos Laguna in Mexico and funded by the Patronato de Futbol in Ajijic Local Ex Pats in Ajijic. Parents provided money for food for the three boys. There was no financial cost to Celtic or Santos other than Santos's valuable professional services.