Posted by Mac Whyte on Jan 19, 2019

The Rotary Club of Ajijic Board at their October meeting agreed to become the host club for a global grant project presented by Butterflies en Mexico.   Bernadine Janzen, Rotary E Club of One World and Mac Whyte, member of RCA, have been developing the project with input from the RCA Board and Service Projects Director since November of 2017.

Bernadine and Mac were the project managers for the first global grant done by the club, “Providing Teacher Training to Create Safe and Healthy Schools & Communities in Jalisco, Mexico” that was conducted from January 2016-August 2017.  

The purpose of the of the new project."Vocational Training in Hacienda de la labor-A forgotten village in Mexico " is to provide vocational training for youth and their families to expand their knowledge in a specific area of work and develop employability skills that are essential for economic development that will contribute to the growth of a healthy and sustainable community.

The USA/Mexico Friendship Conference in late October is a project fair sponsored by District 4185 from Mexico and District 5495, Az that has been taking place for 15+ years.  This year it was held in Acapulco. 

Bernadine and Mac had the opportunity to present the project with the purpose being to acquire funding support from participating Rotary Clubs with host club Rotary Club of Ajijic.  It was time well spent as these clubs/district committed to funding the project:
Rotary E Club of One World-International Host Club

Catalina, Tucson, Az

Prescott Frontier, Az

Prescott Sun Up, Az

District 5495


We are seeking additional funding sources Click read more to understand the background on the Global Project.  



Location:  The rural village of Hacienda de la labor sits at 6000’, on a hill 1.42  kilometers above Lake Chapala, Mexico. The village is 4 kilometers from the East end of the City of Chapala.  
There is no regularly scheduled public transportation that goes to the community.  It takes approximately 35 minutes to walk to the nearest public transportation.  There is an elementary school in the community.  The only storefront business is a small store.
Demographics:  The population is 139 individuals.  There are; 26 children age 6 or under, 16 children ages 7-11, 16 youth ages 12-17 years of age, 24 young adults 18-26 years of age, 15 adults 27-36 years of age, 22 adults 37-56 years of age, 13 adults, 57-76 years of age and 7 adults 77 or older.
Employment:  Hacienda de la labor has been identified by the Chapala Municipality as a low economic area.  There has been a lack of industrial work or private business in the community.  In a community survey 83% stated in the last 5-10 years there has not been an opportunity for work in the community.  Of those who work, 86% of the individuals travel outside the community.  76% of the families do not have anyone working in their family. Of the 24% that had a member of their family working, 4 of the individuals worked 45 - 92 hours a week.  Only were people working in the Hacienda de la labor community.  One person works at the state prison located above the community. There is a small community of foreigners who live higher on the mountain. Click for a complete summary of the project: