Posted by Julianna Rose on May 15, 2017
On May 2, Dee Mistrik, Founder of Companions and Compassion, gave a presentation about the activities of the group that conducts spay and neuter clinics in the Jocotepec municipality.
In this predominantly farming area comprising 13 pueblos, the dedicated group has already treated over 600 animals since they started four years ago. Just recently they have also administered 250 rabies shots. Mistrik explained how phenomenal the reproductive potential of dogs and cats is and that overpopulation previously would simply get destroyed. Thanks to many dedicated local veterinarians and lots of volunteers, today there are better ways.
A typical one-day clinic sterilizing 80 animals needs 30-40 volunteers. Although they are on their side, the government does not provide much help. Preparation work starts 4 - 6 weeks before a clinic, booking vets specialized in sterilization procedures, working with the municipality, and volunteers going door to door spreading flyers.
Thanks to everything being very well organized, they can sterilize a male in 5 minutes and a female in 15 minutes. The animals also get treated for fleas, worms, and ear mites, are given a bath, get their nails clipped, and receive loving words and strokes. The non-street dogs even get tags with the name of the owner. Owners also go home with a certificate of appreciation and antibiotics for their animal, written instructions for the aftercare and the phone number of a vet just in case. Knowing that it can be difficult to administer medication to animals, volunteers cut up sausages and put the medicine in there to make sure.
Funding the clinics is always a challenge as each clinic costs 28,000 Pesos. The facility is usually provided for free, but they always give a donation.
The group organizes fundraising dinners. They are becoming more well known, there were 320 guests at the last one.
For more information or to help (the next clinic will be on June 18 in San Pedro Tetistan) contact Dee Mistrik on 331-447-9273 or email