Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work. Peter Drucker

The board selected new proposed project ideas to move forward for development at their August 25th, 2011 meeting.   No funds were allocated for any of these ideas;

Reverse Water Osmosis-Love in Action. The system installed needs to be upgraded.

Vocational-Sewing, Bakery, Horticulture. Love in Action. The training of students in skills that will enable them to enter the job market is critical.  This project involves building remodel, purchase equipment, furniture, materials to start programs, funds for trainers in the first year.

Maintenance-Love in Action  Window, screens, plumbing

Solar Energy-Electricity/Water for  Hope House-Goal is to reduce electricity and gas costs throughout the facility

Health-Tepehua CC-Facility is in the process of setting up a free health clinic for the community.  Equipment, furniture, consumable are needed.

Education-Tepehua CC-Vocational programs to teach employable skills in sewing, woodworking, house keeping.  This would require a new building, equipment, furniture, consumables. 

Facility Expansion-Tepehua CC-Expand the existing kitchen to set up a commerical grade kitchen, replace equipment, new furniture, storage, prep areas.  Provide training in cooking for clients to learn employable skills

Painting    Community    LiA, Tepehua, HH-This would be a long term project in which visiting clubs who want a "hands on activity, would provide the funds to buy paint, brushes.  A local contractor would be hired to direct the project, take care of daily cleanup, materials.

Education-Provide adult level English courses to local area emergency personnel, fire, ambulance, police. 

Education-Install new play ground equipment at Villa Infantil Orphange, San Pedro Tesistan.  


Approved projects updated:

Hope House Kitchen Appliances-The district is providing $3000.00 USD to support the project.

Google Documents/Club Activities

We are continuing to expand the use of Google Docs in collaborating on club activities.  Board and general membership notes, agendas, project bulletins and the development of the strategic plan are being done through the site.

As an example of the online colloboration that we can do through Google Docs, follow this link to review the final report on the LiA Bazar Expanison Project that was completed earlier this summer.  Using this approach we can share information in a central place and not have to meet.  Saves time and money!

Please see me if you need help in setting up a Google account.  Especially project managers as the board will be looking for project details as posted in each project’s folder.

Networking:  Please send me the names/emails/those roles of Rotary members who you know in other clubs.  People who might be interested in learning more and possibly participating in our projects.

Please contact me at any time with questions/comments about projects.

Mac Whyte