LiA Director Dina , Ed Gresham, Rotary Project Manager, Gustavo Marquez, Contractor


The project involved the following changes to expand the existing space;

  • Knock out the two walls 8 ft high and 8 ft wide as shown on the graphic previously provided
  • Build the new room 4.88 mtrs by 3.76 mtrs with ceiling the same height as existing rooms
  • Level the floor in new room to same level as existing adjoining room
  • Install floor tiles compatible with existing flooring
  • In new room install windows [opening 1-2 ft high and 6 ft long for ventilation] near the top of the far side wall
  • Install one ceiling fan and 2 electrical outlets and install a roof compatible with the roof in the existing property.

 Additional space will result in increased revenue that adds money to:

  • Lunch money for all 3-5 year old children attending Kindergarten
  • Emergency Medical and Dental Expenses for all children [there is no other singular source of funds for this purpose.
  • Supplement overall food funding
  • Salaries for the LIA girls working the Bazaar receiving Retail Job Training
  • General School Expense for all children
  • Special School Contributions/ Celebrations
  • Supplements the General Fund of LIA where needed.