Chapala Fire chief Lorenzo Salazar and his men were delighted to receive a generous donation of used personal fire gear, brought over by Lina and Rick Bleier of the Rotary Club of  Montrose, Colorado, USA.
After touring the Chapala Fire Department with the Ajijic Rotary Club last winter, and seeing the deplorable lack of equipment and poor condition of what the men were using, the Bleiers were determined to help. Back home in Colorado  they talked with their Rotary club fellow member Allen Weese, Deputy Fire Chief of the local fire department. Within no time, action was taken and the Bleiers were invited to the Log Hill Volunteer Fire Department to come and pick up some gear. "Some"  was an understatement because upon arrival they encountered a pickup truck fully loaded with heavily insulated bunker jackets, pants, helmets with visors for fighting structure fires, and sets of wildland fire fighting gear. Also included were special fire retardant back packs with personal drinking water canteens to be used outdoors where the fire fighting time can be much longer.
Though absolutely delighted with the generous gift, the Bleiers wondered not only how they were going to pack all these items in their SUV and small trailer along with their personal stuff, but also how they were going to get it all across the border into Mexico! They decided not to dwell on this but rely on Lina Bleier, who is a Mexican national, and on her qualities as a good organizer and talker. Thanks to her efforts they managed to get across the border without having to pay any duty on the haul!