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The history of the Rotary Club of Ajijic began in September 2001, when founding members visited the Club Rotario Guadalajara A.C. to seek its sponsorship of a new Rotary Club in the Lake Chapala area. The Club Rotario Guadalajara A.C. offered its full support, and by February 2002, the required number of members was reached to charter the club.

In March 2002, the Rotary Club of Ajijic was officially recognized and its officers and members installed, with Enrique Rojas Vargas as its first President.

Past Presidents

  • 2015-2016  Virgina Pelzl
  • 2014-2015  Michael McCarthy
  • 2013-2014   Norman Cannon/Juan Marquez
  • 2011-2012   Sandra Loridans​
  • 2010-2011   Mike McCarthy
  • 2009-2010   Robert Salvatore
  • 2008-2009   Richard Lewis
  • 2007-2008   Ruben Pettersson
  • 2005-2007   Henri Loridans​
  • 2004-2005   Hal Brown
  • 2003-2004   Wayne Conklin
  • 2002-2003   Enrique Rojas Vargas